Tanael Joachim Tour Dates

Oh, I also wrote a book! I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Well, yes. I’m a man of many talents. Just so you know, it’s not a funny book. It predates my comedy career. It’s a collection of essays that lay out the social philosophy and insights of a 22 year old. That’s how old I was when I wrote it. I self-published it in 2011.

Knowing The Path takes an objective look at our present society. Through modern science, spirituality, and personal insights to which most people can relate, it makes the case for a better society by pointing out the memes in our culture that we need to reject and those we should embrace. It's an appeal to societal change by virtue of personal transformation. It's an invitation to walk a path that has a heart for the fulfillment of the human spirit. It's a call to knock down the social, political and economic walls that prevent us from achieving a civilization of empathy. It's wisdom into practice!

You should buy it!