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Welcome to UNREQUITED!

It's a web series that I created, wrote, directed, and starred in. I produced it with the help of a lot of people. Some fans, some friends, some family. But you all helped make it happen. And I'm real proud of it.

Based on a real experience, it's a therapy session that I couldn't afford. I love learning. This series was me going to film school. I learned a whole lot: about writing, directing, editing, producing, and acting. Learning is the verb by which I live. Now I get to share it with you.

UNREQUITED is a short meditation on love. It follows Jacques, a Haitian writer in Brooklyn, who has to deal with an old flame coming back into his life. It's funny, heartfelt, and honest. And you get to meet some dope characters!

All 4 episodes are available below!





CHAPTER 1 : At a get together to celebrate Jacques' publication, Marla is encouraged to go after what she wants.

Featuring: Pat Brown, Tahlia Robinson, and Jamie Roberts. 



CHAPTER 2: Jacques visits his friends Astryd and Marion to get some clarity.

Featuring: Shanna Bess and Derya Celikkol



CHAPTER 3: Jacques' night doesn't go as planned.

Featuring: Ravenessa and Kareem Green




CHAPTER 4: Jacques meets with Nyah for coffee to sort it out.

Featuring: Madeleine Mfuru, Shanna Bess, Derya Celikkol.